Experience Ergonomics.

Whether it is new work, adaptable working or the home office: Dauphin offers a unique range of innovative seating solutions for offices, public areas and industrial applications. With more than fifty years of experience and technical expertise, we are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of office chairs. We create ergonomic working environments and bring ergonomics to life.



Atelier creates flexible focus spaces to allow you to work creatively: inspiring meeting and communication islands, cosy lounge areas and screened‐off quiet areas.

Fiore club

With its organic shape and comfortable upholstery the Fiore club chair with armrests looks as great in modern office environments as it does in private settings.

Allora Poufs

The Allora poufs are perfectly adapted to suit this new agility and give off a smart light touch.

Reefs flex

Its modularity makes it the ideal partner for contemporary communication spaces and lounge areas.

Indeed white

Indeed knows how to impress – as a white edition, it really does freshen up the feel of office environments

Cay mesh

The filigree visitor chair for meeting and seminar rooms.

Stackable four-legged and cantilever chairs for efficient meetings.

Bringing Lounge Vibes into the office!

Welcome to New Work! With space for people to meet, with a focus on communication and community.